Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Communication connects us to love...

Communication is so vital. Without it, it is impossible to have relationships.

For the first time in my life I really love someone. We have not communicated very well and it has caused quite a bit of upset, hurt and sadness.

Why do we seem to be of the opinion that we can read another person’s mind? Where do we get the notion that someone else can read ours? Or do we not communicate out of fear?

I think it is the often out of fear. We are afraid that if we communicate about ourselves that we’ll lose the person that matters to us. The only problem is that if we DON’T communicate we open ourselves up to the risk of losing the very thing that we think we’re guarding.

Our imagination can be a very powerful thing, but it can work against us in a very big way. When we don’t communicate we leave each other to the imagination. Unspoken concerns usually breed in the dark. The best way to resolve things is to bring it out in the open.

My relationship is still fairly new. Some things I didn’t communicate because I thought the relationship was still too new for certain discussions. Circumstance has, however, indicated that some of those things now need to be discussed.

I really pray that God will give me wisdom in how to say it without saying too much, the wisdom to really listen with my heart and He will prepare the soil so that when we communicate it will be from a heart of love, which I know we both feel for each other.

It feels like a bird with a hurt wing. It is vulnerable and sensitive right now, but I pray that it will mend and mend well, and that this beautiful bird will fly again!!

I love you, my sweetheart; with all my heart!!


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