Friday, September 23, 2011

...And the Lord takes away - A divine exchange!

How many of the problems that we have in our lives are brought about by things that we as Christians believe as if it’s the truth but it is not? And the reason that we believe them - these half truths or even downright lies – is simply because we don’t fully know who God really is? We know about him but we don’t fully know Him. This lack of knowing influence the way we see and experience life and it can bring about much pain and disillusionment.

Getting to know a person happens when we spend lots of time together over a long period of time. In most cases we never fully get to know every little thing. There is always something more to discover. If that is the case with people then imagine how long it would take getting to know the God of the universe. I can confidently say that we will never get to the end of Him. Maybe today, in reading this, you will discover something new about Him that will change the way you think and affect your life in a good way.

When we read the newspaper, the internet or watch television and even listen to the neighbours in our communities our senses are flooded with all kinds of tragedy, disaster, and circumstances of loss: The loss of loved ones, loss of possessions and money, the loss of relationships, etc. It is mostly at those