Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hanging, hanging, REBOOT!

For some unexplained reason I've had more challenges than joy with everything electronic and technical at my new job. If it's not the accounting software, then it is the printer that doesn't work. If it's not the printer, it is the scanner. If not the scanner, then there's a power failure, or my computer's connection to the server that gives an error. If it's not the server connection, then it's the accounting software - then the printer - then the server - then the scanner... You get the idea, I'm sure. (And I'm not exaggerating, believe you me.) Sometimes one of the problems have persisted for days, and in the meantime several of the others have also occurred, rendering me unable to perform my duties and creating huge backlog and stress.

After three months of this I am sure you can imagine that my tolerance level has gone from hero to zero and lately I've been feeling like I'm permanently "driving with the reserve light on". Who knows what I'm talking about?