Sunday, November 29, 2009

Learning... and LOVING it!!

I've been meeting so many new people lately, and loving it! Some have been colorful and interesting, and others I've been rather relieved that I don't see them too often.

I've been learning a lot about people, including myself. Maybe more about myself than any of them. Making the decision to open myself up to love has been a major decision for me - actually almost a daily decision - but I've been enjoying the journey.

Love has been something that I've longed for for a very long time, yet I've never really had the courage to allow it into my life. I've sat on the sideline often, a spectator to life - and love - but I've never really been the lucky one - or felt like the lucky one anyway. This time around it is my breath that is being taken away.

I'm loving what I'm learning about myself along this way. It is like discovering a stranger that's been there all along; but I never noticed her.

I agree with what I've heard often: love is a choice, not a feeling. I've made the choice. I would never have guessed that one person can be this happy.

I've also been facing some challenges, but what has been fascinating to me is that I've been able to recognize them as obstacles that I need to choose to climb over. In the past it's been so easy to turn and walk away, but this time I'm climbing, I'm learning and I'm loving it!