Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eternally wise, pound foolish in 2010

As the festive season draws near may this be a time that we will remember - first and foremost - the greatest Gift of all - Jesus, the expression of God's love that surpasses all human understanding! May it be a season of thanksgiving, blessing, peace, joy and a reminder (again) of just how precious you are; each and every one. May His love be tangible for you in a very personal way - not only in this season - but always!

Creativelee Liane :)

* An excerpt from an article in New Man eMagazine, 9 Dec 2010 by Drew Dyck

...Come, Thou Unexpected Jesus
(with apologies to Charles Wesley)
Come, Thou unexpected Jesus,
Interrupt our spending spree.
Shopping malls hold all that pleases;
Why would we then look for Thee?
In the midst of all the bustle,
We've lost the most important part.
Teach us that our lowly Savior
Is not found in a shopping cart.
–Jenn Kipp...