Thursday, February 2, 2012

He sees you and you matter!

I have an appointment tomorrow and I have some paperwork that I need to take with me. With things a little bit more upside down that I'm used to, I would have had to drive somewhere and pay to have the forms printed. Why is this seemingly small fact significant? Let me give you an idea of a scenario that I encountered recently:

Print per page (in black and white) - R1 - R2 per page (depending on where you go)
Faxing per page (especially with the new modern 'fax to e-mail' facilities) - R6 - R8 per page. (For the fax that I needed to send it would have cost me around R80 - for printing and a fax!!!!)

To put it into even more perspective for you: you can buy a loaf of bread for the cost of faxing one page! It is truly a rip off and all I can say is: buy your own printer / scanner / copier!!! After six faxes you would have paid for it in full.

So, to get back to my story...
I was standing with  keys in hand and locking up the doors when my phone rang and guess what? The lady was just phoning to confirm my appointment and to remind me what to bring. It turns out they have the forms that are required and I just need to show up with my identification docs and two photo's. I immediately start unlocking doors again. I just saved that money and gas! What a blessing, Lord - thank you!

It seems like something so insignificant yet it matters a lot to me. Whenever I have these experiences I am reminded that God knows where I am at; He sees me. He knows every intricate detail of my life and He cares. He cares about me and He cares about you!

Each one of us is one in seven billion and He knows each one by name, right down to the number of hairs on your head; not one of which falls without Him knowing about it! Isn't that simply amazing to ponder? 

Our lives is but a breath and yet we are always in the forefront of God's mind. That is amazing love like none other!

May you be mindful today of just how much you matter to Him; the God of the universe!

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