Saturday, April 24, 2010

My temperament


You are a deep ocean and just as violent. You are emotional and thoughtful, artistic and musical. Even if you don't draw or play an instrument, art and music play a big part in your life. You are talented and creative. You are philosophical and poetic. Sometimes that means you create a piece of art or poetry, and sometimes it means you have a new idea or a new way of approaching something.

You are always an original. You underestimate yourself and are sensitive. You put others before yourself. You feel their pain. When someone has a problem, they come to you. Not to solve it, but to cry with them. You are analytical and conscientious.

Even with all this analysis you are idealistic. You appreciate beauty. You see things others miss, and can feel a problem coming like a chill before the rain. You are orderly and organized and strive for perfection in everything you do.

You value things, people, resources. You are very focused on the details. You make friends cautiously and the friends you have are few and very close to you. You are very faithful and devoted. You value loyalty and can become resentful if betrayed. You seek out special people who see your depth and beauty and they travel with you for long friendships.

You have a deep concern for other people and will listen to their complaints. People rely on you. Introvert: The Resident Genius.


Mariette van Aswegen said...

You have a stroked ego... :o)

Liane de Witt said...

I just love that warm, fuzzy feeling, don't you? haha

This was a little temperament test on Facebook. They used the same four temperaments that Joyce Meyer mentioned, so I gave it a shot... and most definitely liked the outcome! ;) (Even though I've always guessed I'd be the melancholic temperament) from the stories she's told of her one daughter who is also this one.)

Love that you left a comment! Thx!