Friday, January 1, 2010

AVATAR - movie review

I was not at all motivated to go and watch this movie. Somewhere I got the wrong notion that it was an animated movie and I got the impression, wrongly so, that it was some sci-fi adventure for kids (maybe). It wasn’t until I heard increasingly positive feedback about how phenomenal it is that I finally decided to go and find out for myself! BEST DECISION EVER!!!

I went to see it in 3D – there is no other way to watch this movie. Much to my delight it was nowhere near an animated movie. Even though it is a movie in the future – sci-fi – it exceeded my expectation by far!

What really had me excited was to find that it wasn’t simply amazing computer graphics – because it is REALLY well done! – but it also has a really good story line. The script it intelligently written and the characters were stunningly well rounded; they most certainly have you going on some breathtaking adventures with them. By the end of the movie they have evolved from someone into something completely different – in more ways than one – and it keeps you guessing.

I LOVE analyzing people’s character. In the movie I could, to some extent, anticipate what certain decisions would result in, but even though I was very correct in my assumption in essence, the full outcome was nonetheless unpredictable. It is a well paced movie - no time for dosing off because of boredom. It most certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

Another thing I do – being a passionate movie lover – I completely get involved in the story. “It is just a movie” do not apply to me. I escape with the characters. I become engrossed in their lives like close friends. I feel compassion, anger (even rage at times), love, relief, joy, rejoice at justice winning the upper hand, and I cry whenever I know just how one of the characters must be feeling. I’m all out there. This movie certainly allowed me to feel – and to cry – not just for the characters, but also for myself.

The movie has a lot of depth – in more ways than one. It has a lot of dimension – the scenes are intensified with heights and depth. You wouldn’t experience the thrill if you had to watch this on a flat screen. There’s a tremendous amount of movement and it is best experienced as if you’re in the centre of it, moving with it!

The scenes are created with excellent brilliance and imagination. You become part of a world that certainly only exist in the imagination; pure and beautiful – a full circle of life.

I’m always a sucker for learning something from everything and many a lessons have been affirmed by a weekly Friday afternoon movie. The same goes for this movie – it gave me a new perspective on how everything and everyone has its perfect place in harmony – each serves a purpose and nothing exists in isolation. It creates the idea of life bigger than one. I loved the concept.

It deals with choices, pride / ego, it shows bridges being built, minds being opened to new ideas beyond the great “I”, humility, love, forgiveness, remorse, sadness, joy, camaraderie, selfishness, greed, exploring and learning, respect, survival and courage, to name but a few.

WOW – definitely the kind of movie that I would watch more than once – I get the impression that you’d learn or notice something different every time around.
A thrilling (almost) three hours indeed, but well worth every minute of it! A pleasant surprise indeed!

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