Saturday, April 7, 2012

A fresh perspective

Some people try to explain creation with simple science and call it "The Big Bang". Personally I believe that God created beauty and glory - the universe and everything in it - spoken into being by Him according to Genesis. Yes, many things have evolved over time, but people never came from apes. God distinctly created animals and then He created man. 

What is totally mind blowing to me is the level of detail that He thought of when He made each organism, plant, microscopic particle, and even the bits that mankind has not yet discovered. It reminds me how God is infinite. He created things many, many, many, many years ago and it was sufficient to do all that it needed to do from thereon out for centuries that followed. 

Living organisms were created to multiply, to grow, to defend itself for survival, to feed off each other in the food chain of nature, and everything exists in perfect harmony. 

I stand amazed at the way the body functions - how blood circulates, providing oxygen, sight, smell, taste, hearing, each and every muscle and nerve end responding often without our conscious instruction. Nails and hair grow; we keep cutting it and keeps growing back. Wounds heal and skin regenerates. The power of imagination and creativity. The ability to reason, learn and remember.

Grass grows without anyone having to instruct it. Animals breed without human supervision. Clouds form, they come and go, and rain waters the Earth. Flowers bloom, fruit ripen and seasons change. Dirt moves around; what used to be mountains have become valleys over decades of transformation; where used to be rivers or lakes have becomes desert, and over many, many, many many years so much has become buried in the earth - existence that we don't even know about - yet.

Oh, how much splendor is going on while we're not looking? While we're driving in our cars at 100 miles an hour, trying to make enough money to fulfill our need, greed and desires. While we're rushing to malls, to schools, to parties, etc. How much happens every second of every day that we don't even know of, let alone take notice of?

Our mind can never conceive the mind of God, but this video on (I'm sorry, I don't know the name of the person who made it) has captured some of that splendor and slows it down for us to be able to see some of what we're missing out on very day. Enjoy it with me.   

God is truly an amazing and mind blowing God! Today, may you see the world around you with new eyes and may you stand in awe of His power and His love for you!

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