Monday, November 7, 2011

Seated in the Truth

For some reason Lil' M(onster) has grown quite fond of sitting on, lying on and walking over my Bible. I think it is cute but I always make sure that he's careful. Today when I saw him sitting there I just couldn't resist, so I grabbed the camera and was able to get a few nice pics.

When I saw him sitting he made me think of being seated in, standing on and meditating on the Word of the Lord, a firm foundation. Later on in the day I had a look at what he was "meditating" on and it is one of my favorite chapters: Romans 8. This chapter contains several wonderful truths that I have stood on over the years; promises like:

(a) That there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ - I didn't have to be perfect anymore to be good enough for love - God's unconditional love.

(b) That the power of the life-giving Spirit (mine through Christ) has freed me from the vicious cycle of sin and death. It was vicious and had brought much destruction to my life and my world but now I could have a hope and a future in Christ. I didn't have to keep going in the same destructive circles. Now, if I followed after Holy Spirit, I could have life and peace.

(c) That I was now adopted in God's family, His very own child, an heir with Jesus.

(d) That now I had Someone to help me with my daily problems and also prayer - Holy Spirit, my Helper. He now prays for me with such feeling that it cannot be expressed in words. God knows exactly what He is saying.

(e) That now all that happens to me is working for my good because I love Him and are fitting into His plans. I am not hopeless anymore.

(f) That I am chosen - called by my name - I matter!

(g) That if God is on my side then who can be against me? Even when I stand alone, I don't stand on my own.

(h) That despite all, overwhelming victory is mine! Nothing can ever separate me from His love - death can't, life can't, the angels won't, not even the powers of hell itself. Not my fears for today or my worries about tomorrow, or where I am - nothing, nothing at all!

It was good to be reminded of this again today. These promises are ours - are yours - in Christ Jesus - today and every day!

It is indeed wonderful and wise to be seated, standing and firmly grounded on the Word of the Lord - His Word that never fails; His Word that never returns void, His Word that stands forever!
Verily, verily, I say to you...

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