Monday, June 20, 2011

Mobile accessibility: blog on the run

A while ago someone contacted me requesting that I look at ways to make my blog more accessible for the mobile/cell phone community. The web version is so cumbersome that he was unable to post a comment. Aah! How disappointing!

It made me realize that many people might be using their cell phone instead of a laptop. Because I mostly use my laptop I didn’t think of it that way. Therefore finding a solution could actually mean broadening my audience.

So I am happy to let you know today that I have found something AND it works. Tested and approved!

Just to be safe I will give both options of how you can do it:

Firstly, I’ve selected this setting for my blog: On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template. By this I understand then that when you open my blog on your mobile device it should show you the appropriate version. This is what it should look like:

If it is not what you see (1) please let me know, and (2) I encourage you to use the second option: Add the mobile blog address to your favorites:

Option two is what I’ve opted for on my own phone so I KNOW that one works. Not only does it make viewing the blog that much easier, it also simplifies comments – reading them and leaving one of your own.

No more excuses, WG! ;) I’ll be keeping an eye out for your contribution :)

If anyone still find that they have a problem please let me know so that I can look into it.

Enjoy the read! And don't forget to drop me a line. No more excuses ;)


Cindy said...

Don't see the yada alert in my inbox yet :(

Liane said...

Cin, I've received my alerts roughly half an hour apart, Yada being the 2nd one to be delivered. Hopefully it will be delivered shortly. Not sure what time you go to bed, but if you still don't have it in the morning would you be so kind to let me know? Thanks a mill :)

WG. said...

Morning Liane.
Firstly, Thank you, for heeding my call to adapt your Blog for the mobile community,now atleast I can read your publications without any hassle, and if there is any input or comment that I can leave, I can do so with ease.
Baie Dankie Lia. Ek hoop dat jou Blog duisende sal aanraak, en ook die lig in hulle lewe sal wees, soos wat jy in myne was/is.
Lekker dag vir jou.

Liane said...

Hey WG! Isn't that what they call 'customer care' :D It wasn't quite as quick as I had hoped but a few options that I found and tried didn't quite work too well.

I LOVE getting comments, so please comment away ;) I am glad that you are blessed. It is such a privilege to be a difference! Have a blessed day indeed!