Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do I? Don't I? Can I affort NOT to?

My greatest heart desire is to make a difference. A dear friend of mine sent me this quote – she said it made her think of me and I cannot respond any other way than with an UNDENIABLE “YES!”
“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything You gave me.””
To make a difference takes courage; GUTS has a stronger feel to it for me. In my life I’ve experienced a lot of pain for this reason.
You learn that people are not perfect, and regardless of their best intentions we do hurt each other. You learn that not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes the reason might be something you need, and sometimes you’re meeting a need in someone else’s life. You never know. Me? I say “Lord, just never let it be empty handed.” If it’s going to be painful at some point, let it at least never be suffering in vain... (smile)...
You learn that there will always be those ones who don’t appreciate the gold and diamonds that you offer; for them it is like throwing pearls to pigs; they simply don’t realize the value of your offering.You learn that there are those who will not believe in you or what you do or stand for. There will be those who might even try to stop you from doing it.
There will be those who will be jealous because for them it is about who is in the limelight and it is not them. You will learn that there are those who pretend to be one thing and act like something else behind your back... hypocrites... You learn that people will always gossip and some people will choose to never change.
You also discover precious people along your journey. You learn that there are those who truly care, and those who truly share in your passions. You discover those who laugh with you and stick around to cry with you. You learn that people can truly care and love and you learn that everyone is really (consciously or subconsciously) searching for a deeper, more meaningful life. You learn that sometimes you’re part of their journey to find it.
You learn that there are those who choose to grow and change; those who reach with you for greater heights; those who can hear your heart beating and those who do see your vision.
You learn that, no matter how AWESOME a leader you are, NO ONE does anything great by themselves. If no one is following, who are you leading in order to be a leader?
You also learn that it can break your heart to see hardship and sadness – but those are the very ones who need you; who need your strength, who need your gifts and abilities; who need your time and (from time to time) your money. No matter what, there will always be men of riches and valor and there will always be those who never go further than sweeping a street or even being a beggar on a street corner.
There are always those in need who remind us of how much we have to be grateful for. And there are always those who have and do more than we do in order to remind us that there is always more to reach for... you never arrive.
So, do we stare at those who hurt others out of their own pain and broken past? Do we use the risk that we might get in the line of fire as an excuse to step back and just do nothing because this is a reality about life; an ugly reality?
I say NO! I will not shrink back. There are too many who need me; who needs what I have to offer. I have cried countless tears when something has come so close to my heart and it is torn away for whatever reason. I have made up my mind that I will not regret the time that I DID have to make an impact; to make a difference; to let my light shine (even if my own pot is also cracked)!
I see it like this: God chooses my assignments. He chooses the person(s), the time, the place and also the duration of that which I’m supposed to be making a contribution to for His purposes. All He needs from me is my willingness to give, and my obedience to Him in doing what He needs from me. It is after all He who gave me what I have. It is for Him that I was created and I am after all merely an instrument in the hands of my Maker; ready to worship and please Him with my obedience.
But when the assignment is over.... you’d better “raise your hands and step away from the vehicle”... When God says your part is done, you must stop. If His anointing is not on it anymore, it can in fact become destructive... But when (and while) He is in it, LIFE WILL come forth, because that is the nature of the KING!!
The hardest, though, is when the time is over or the purpose has been achieved and it is time to let go; to let go of something that was never mine to begin with, but that I had grown attached to while I was giving it everything I have. The tendency is to try and hold on to it, but when God says it is over and “Elvis leaves the building” so to speak, then the "magic" is over. His anointing is not on it anymore and that which once flourished can become dangerously poisonous and even destructive.
However, does it mean that I rather don’t have relationship because there might come a time (probably will come a time) when the relationship will end and at that time it will hurt? OF COURSE NOT! If you didn’t have the experience before it ended you would have had NOTHING. But for having had the experience you’ve gained much riches, and a little sadness... In life, though, you can never only have happiness and laughter... it only comes in a combo pack of good AND bad; kind of a “buy one, get one free” deal ;)
These relationships will often end through natural means; moving house, changing jobs, suddenly discovering something you didn’t know before, getting married, having a baby and not having spare time to build the relationship... it is really not personal... it is merely finished... people and circumstances, the pieces on the chess board of life.
I choose not to remain uninvolved because there will be pain or disappointment. I know that God will help me to get over it and move on... and He will use it to teach me and empower me and prepare me for every next “assignment”... each one another step towards my destiny... living His dream for my life!I cannot just stand by and watch... There is simply too much at stake and the clock is ticking!
LIVE LIFE NOW! LIVE IT TO THE FULL. Do what you want to do; do what you need to do; choose your priorities carefully and wisely. Cherish the relationships in your life. You never know when change happens. NEVER LOOK BACK WITH REGRET! Keep the good – learn from the bad before you forget it, and be true to yourself! If it is not pretty, do something about it; MAKE it pretty; But DON’T you DARE MAKE EXCUSES!!!
And then, when all has been said and done... STAND!


Anonymous said...

You have been gifted with intellect and literary expression. Your a very diligent, driven & intelligent woman

Patients,.... don't expect the rest of the humanity to totaly understand your "drive", point of view. It becomes "wrenching".

Do what comes naturally and don't force it. Let your passion & expression evolve and take flight. Life is a wonderful yet perplexing reality, however ... that’s what it's all about.

You have a gift, but don't let it overwhelm you.

I love reading your words, your world.


Liane de Witt said...

Gabriel, I can see that you've given your comment a fair measure of thought. Thank you for sharing - I appreciate it. It's constructive even though just a l-i-t-t-l-e ouch on the "wrenching" :)

I would like to add that I respect the fact that everyone don't feel or think the way I do, but I don't judge them. I can only speak for myself and invite others to share their point of view. In provoking that one often learn much.

I would also like to mention that making a difference does not mean that everyone has to pack up their home and family and move to Ethiopia to feed starving AIDS orphans, and if you don't or can't, that you feel condemned for not doing your part, if I can say it like that. Sometimes it is listening to a friend who really needs and ear and you're giving them your time in caring. Sometimes it might be a mommy with a sick child in hospital and one or two more that still needs to be fetched from school, fed and helped with homework and maybe you can help... Or maybe cooking a meal for a new neighbor whose pots and pans are still in a box. There's so many ways if you just look around right where you are.

I'm saying: are you looking...?

Thanks again for sharing! :)

Immortal said...

I love your approach and believe God is in this with you!

I believe the that the doors we open and close each day will show how we live our live. God's greastest gift to us is our own free will, which means a decision made today may be right for today but looking back years later it was the wrong descion to make... but how els will we learn, grow, become wise and become strong?

So I say: "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."

Liane de Witt said...

I love that: committed / focused on your goal, but flexible in your approach. Very wise words. It can mean the difference between achieving your goal/objective (even if not quite the way you imagined) vs. not achieving it AT ALL. I've read this once before a few years ago and have completely forgotten about that. Very powerful! Thanks for the reminder, Immortal :)

Jingle said...

awards are fun, u win the celebrate blogger of June in short stories honorable mention award, plus 4 friendship awards, the only cin voted for you.
viola lost her husband,
I lost a general friend,
all together,
please visit and give love to them…

Liane de Witt said...

WOW!!! Thank you, Cin! I am honored and very blessed! (However, I don't quite understand what this means...? Can someone help?)