Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taxation with pink slippers

A dear reader of my blog actually followed up with me this morning why I haven’t written something new in a while. That is very much appreciated. Thank you. It made me realize that there might be others wondering the same thing... So I thought I’d just keep you posted in case you didn’t know. (People reading my blog is a rather new experience for me – LOVING it!)

I’m working and studying part t
ime. Taxation is the flavor of the last few months; I am writing that exam tomorrow, 21 May. The only thing I’ve been writing is notes on Taxation, past exam papers on Taxation, and wishes on how I’m looking forward to having more free time once Taxation is behind me. However, I have to add that I have thoroughly enjoyed this subject; I even consider possibly pursuing Tax in greater depth, but for now I am also looking forward to having more freedom of choice of what I spend my time on.

I’ve been skimming the top of most passions of mine over the past few weeks. Facebook has been lucky to get the occasional one liner... from my phone... because when I switch my computer on I feel like a kid in a candy store with no money... wondering whether stealing is a crime, a moral issue of right or wrong, or just someone’s opinion that doesn’t necessarily apply to me :(

Today I have one day study leave, and tomorrow I write this exam. I’m wearing green today; the colour of the money that the tax man takes from you... with pink slippers... the warm, fuzzy feeling I’ll have when this exam is over!! Haha


Cindy said...

Best of luck tomorrow Liane.
Taxation hey? OK, that would rob me of inspiration too.

Liane de Witt said...

THANKS, Cindy! It certainly does. My 'skitso' personality sure doesn't seem to mind much though... Tax is right up her alley! haha ;)

Cindy said...

Did it go well?

Liane de Witt said...

I'm not sure what to say. It was a difficult paper; that much I know. It challenged me, and I tried to rise to the occasion.

In my overwhelmed emotional place it feels like I knew none of the answers, but I know that I am my own worst critic; often unrealistically and mercilessly so. So I don't want to accept this experience.

Realistically you get marks for every little bit that you got right. There is no real way to know till you get the results. That is more the way I've decided to look at it.

I know that I've worked very hard and I've really given my best. I pray that my hard work will be rewarded.

Thank you for checking in with me, Cindy. Much appreciated! :)

Cindy said...

You're welcome Hon, keeping my fingers crossed for your results.

Liane de Witt said...

Cindy, just thought I'd let you know... I PASSED, BABY, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ;)