Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NO problem!!

I don't have a problem because my God has a plan!!

Never before have I met a person who knows all the answers, but countless times I've met people who have many questions, difficult situations and no answers.

If we don't put a leash on our mind, it can so easily run wild. We can so easily be consumed by the difficulties that we encounter in our lives that everything else is simply forced to fade into the background. This sometimes even includes the loved ones around us. This doesn't mean that we necessarily neglect them in the physical, for example the father who is consumed by his financial difficulty and therefore works long hours to provide for his family. He comes home one day and notices that the family drawing of his little girl on the fridge includes everyone, from the baby sitter to the dog, but not him. In his search for a solution to his financial problem he's become a stranger to a family who just needs him to be around to love him and to be loved by him.

Have you ever heard that you can have the man, but not his heart? We can be there physically, but in our minds we exist on planet Solution, miles away from civilization and forever searching for answers to our problems and questions. For example the father who is so lost in his reasoning that he don't realize the tug on his hand of a little boy who wants him to anticipate the moment of excitement and exploration with him.

Why do we find ourselves spending so much time trying to solve our problems if God already have all the answers? Not once were the Pharisees able to trick Jesus with their questions. Not one question was asked for which He did not know the answer and no problem situation was too big for Him to solve. Even Lazarus whose corps had started to smell bad was raised from the dead. No situation was hopeless for Jesus and in this day, no matter what your circumstance, it too is not hopeless.

The Bible encourages us not to worry about anything, but to pray about everything instead; To tell God our needs, and to remember to thank Him for His answers. If we do this we will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep our thoughts and our hearts quiet and at rest as we trust in Christ. (Philippians 4:6)

I know a friend who helped me once by giving me advice that made the difference that I needed in the circumstance that I was experiencing. She told me to ask myself the following: "Can I make a change?" If the answer is yes, then make the change. Sometimes, however, we can't make a change. In those times our attitude towards the situation is all that we can change. Everything could seem different with the change of attitude even though nothing has really changed. Our attitude is the glasses through which we see the world around us. Are you, maybe, due for a new pair – ones that will enable you to see clearly that you don't have a problem because in this day God has a plan!

"Come to Me and I will give you rest – all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke. Wear My yoke – for it fits perfectly – and let Me teach you; for I am gentle and humble, and you shall find rest for your souls, for I give you only light burdens." (Matthew 11: 28)

Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you. (1 Peter 5:7)

May you find and experience His peace that surpasses all understanding as you allow Him to reveal His plan to you today!

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